Beta 3 TS360 15inch fullrange speaker all purpose

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Music Maker May/June 2007

Beta Three – TS 360 Passive Speaker

The way forward

PQ Sound, Durban has introduced the Beta3 TS360 2-way, full range
speaker system. An affordable range of PA speakers, flexible enough to
stack, fly or used as an onstage monitoring rig. Resident sound engineer at
the ‘Steak & Ale’ live music restaurant in Centurion, Stean van der Walt took
these units for a spin and gave us the up-and-up on how he would apply
them to their fullest potential.

The first thing that caught my attention was the big sound I got from these 300-watt cabs.
I found that the 44mm Titanium compression driver overpowered the 15inch cast frame
woofer a bit but quickly fixed that by cutting the highs in the mix slightly. In order to tap the
most out of the Betas I will suggest that you run them through a high-pass filter at about
160, utilizing them as a mid-high unit with a separate 18 inch sub rather than trying to
balance out the compression driver with the woofer. If however you aim to use the system
for public speaking or smaller pub/acoustic shows, some fine-tuning to the EQ should
suffice to obtain a crisp and clear response with articulated vocal characteristics.
The Betas truly show their might when used for monitor application though. Included in the
package are 2 plastic stands (per speaker) that enable you to angle them directly at the vocalist
or even the drummer and the impressive output allows for the kick drum to cut through without
drowning any of the other instruments or vocals in the monitor mix. I do find these
stands a novel idea, although in my personal experience I would probably lose or break
them within the first month, but that’s just me. The closed units are constructed from strong
black polypropylene, giving them a sleek and professional look. I also found that transporting
(well, actually carrying) them might become a problem due to the fact that they weight almost
30 kilograms per unit and only consist of one carry handle in a somewhat awkward position.
Other great features are the 3 x m10 hanging points, the advanced crossover using the
latest electronic protection technology and the included Speakon connecters. In my mind, if
used correctly these speakers will last a very long time especially when used as an installation
rig and if you adhere to the overloading warnings in the manual; they should require the
minimum amount of maintenance over extended periods.
I would definitely recommend them to anyone who would like to have their voices
heard above everything else.

Big dynamic power with outstanding clarity.

Other SPECS:
Freq Response: 40Hz – 20 kHz
Power: 300W RMS
Sensitivity: 97 dB
SPL: 122 dB
Impedance: 8 ohm
Connectors: NL4 x 2
Dimensions: 720 x 480 x 395 mm
Net weight: 26 kg. 

By Andre Kriel & Stean van der Walt
PQ Sound
Suggested Price
Price: R3700 per unit

club pa speaker
I would definitely recommend them to anyone who
would like to have their voices heard
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