Hybrid Compressor / Limiter- Gate


The Beta Three Speaker Management system is the perfect addition to your existing amplifier rack.

We tried out this unit at a rock gig and were amazed at how easy it was to configure it (in real-time too!). The software is easy to use and has a pretty decent overview of everything happening.

A useful feature of this box, is that it can be locked to prevent people from muting the ins/outs and even locked to prevent people from changing presets on the device.

The display on the rack is pretty neat and has a few features. It can display the level (in dBFS) for each in/out or can switch to display what crossover is taking place.

USB connection is quick and easy with the software. However, there is no Linux version yet. One other thing, is the 5m cable length limit with USB can sometimes be a bit annoying when trying to set the EQ. It's not much of an issue, since you can easily buy USB repeaters if you find it too limiting.

Finally, one of the best features on this unit is the Background Music switch. The unit provides an extra balanced input and terminals to connect a DC voltage. Once it detects a voltage above 5V, it will automatically mute the normal two inputs and send the third input to the speakers (essentially the third input replaces the two inputs in the signal path). This is pretty useful for during soundchecks as you can completely separate your background music from your mixing desk and get it out of the way!

Having used the dbx Drive Racks, I'd definitely recommend using the Beta Three speaker management system.
Date Added: 10/24/2010 by Chris Stranex
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