Beta 3 B118D 18inch Band pass bass bin


I was looking for a reasonably priced bassbin, and did much comparison on frequency responses, RMS power etc. of different brands and models and read many reviews. Many products initially look good and are reasonably priced, but reviews have told of many bad experiences. This speaker came out tops for it's price-to-specs, but performs even better! For a 500W 18" woofer, it packs a huge punch, with absolutely no distortion, even when pushing it to it's limits!
I have used it at three venues for live performances so far. In two cases there would not have been sufficient volume without it (The last event was in a room which could seat about 40 people max, including the band, hence no need for too much sound). Being able to relieve my other speakers (2x 250W) of the power needed for lower frequencies has far more than doubled my entire system's volume! I will continue to use it though, even when volume is not the issue, because the quality of those low frequencies is legendary!
It has all the features one would expect of a quality bass bin and performs brilliantly. I would highly reccomend this speaker for any live event, from a live band to a disco/party.
Date Added: 05/23/2008 by Brendan Kruger
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